Statutes of the organization

Article 1: Mission of the organization

Students at the Technical University in Zvolen have come to the conclusion that it is in the interest of streamlining and improving their study to join their efforts in the organized form of cooperation in the organization. The organization is created in order to create legal and organizational conditions and environment for such integrated co-operation.

Article 2: Organization name

The name of the organization in the Slovak language is the Wood World.

(Abbreviation WW)

In English, the organization uses the name WoodenWorld.Following the founders’ agreement, the organization acts as WoodenWorld.

Article 3: Seat of the organization

The headquarters of the organization is Študentský domov Ľ.Štúra, Študentská č. 17, 960 01 Zvolen

Article 4: Objectives of the action

The objectives of the organization are:

(A) to support the creativity, efficiency and ability of students to work in teams, to create and document projects in detail

(B) provide a coordinated system of cooperation between the organization and the Technical University in Zvolen for the implementation of projects

(C) improve and help to create the most „environmentally-friendly“ environment for students

(D) the creation of social events, sporting and tourism activities

(E) distance from: political action, promotion and donation of donations from political parties (apolitical organization)

Article 5 .: Activity of the organization

The organization develops activities aimed at achieving the objectives of the activity.

Article 6 .: Membership

Membership in the organization is voluntary. Applicants can register either at or in person at HEAD office.

We expect members of the organization to:

Active participation in projects, actions, willingness to help and solve problems that occur during the implementation of projects and actions

Article 7: Bodies of the organization

The bodies of the organization are:

(A) the General Assembly (hereinafter referred to as the „Assembly“)

(B) Council of founders and officials of the organization

Article 8: Principles of Management

In the joint activities of organizational members (eg in projects), the organization manages the rules specifically designed for these activities (eg project budget, related cooperative agreements, etc.).

The revenues of the association are:

(A) the voluntary contribution of the members of the organization

(B) donations, subsidies, grants

(C) income from activities in pursuit of the objectives of the association

(D) finance from the Technical University for the implementation of projects and stocks

Organizational resources may only be used in accordance with the organization’s objectives.

Article 9: Extinction of the organization

The organization will cease when members of the organization are not interested in meeting the organization’s goals.

Article 10: Final provisions

According to these Statutes, it will be from 14.4.2014.

These statutes were approved by resolution of the Assembly on 7.4.2014 in Zvolen and at the same time they became valid.